This is what I love to do, your success is what drives me, and seeing the look of understanding and excitement on my clients faces as I help them to understand topics that may have been a mystery to them for so many years is best feeling I can hope for and what I strive for at every coaching session. I co-host an ongoing Financial Wellness Series and do customized financial education / coaching for business’, groups or individuals.

Additional Coaching

Book me for a financial education coaching session for you or your group today! Fully adaptable and customizable financial education sessions to fit your situation!

Financial Wellness Series

Take control of your finances with this simple trusted process to help you budget, save, & invest.

3 Class Series Includes: 




This 3 course series has been created in a way that you will graduate from one course and move on to the next as your financial situation changes. All courses in the series are hosted by Forerunner Financial and The Light House Coaching. We recommend that you complete the intake form so we can help you determine the right series for you and your financial situation, click learn more for the intake form.

FW101, TAKE CONTROL, this course is for you if you need help with making a plan for your money, want to get control of your expenses and spending, and need a plan and accountability for getting out of debt.

Class 1 – Money Relationships will talk about where you are at, how you got there and how we get out of the situation you are in.

Class 2 – Cash Flow Planning/Budgeting Basics, making a plan for your money that you control.

Class 3 – Dumb Debt – good vs bad debt, how to get out and stay out

FW201 on MANAGING MONEY is perfect for those who are not in debt but need a plan, support and accountability to know where they are spending their money every month, where they could be spending their money and ready to learn more about the how and why of short and long term savings and investing. Perfect for those looking to save for a vacation, large purchase, a home. This class covers:

Class 1 – Cashflow Planning + Saving money (planning where your money is going, short term and long term success, 3-6 months emergency fund, down payments, sinking fund accounts and more)

Class 2- Financial Report card, health check + Life Insurance ( Credit score, Real Estate + Mortgage, LOC)

Class 3 – Investment Education Basic what is the differences between RSP’s, TFSA, Mutual Funds, ETF’s, Stocks, RESP’s, Bonds and what/how do you get started in investing.

FW301 on BUILDING WEALTH, Learn how to put your money to work for you. FW301 is for those who have no consumer debt, have an emergency fund and have extra funds they are ready to save and invest intentionally and with a strategic and personalized plan.

1 – The Golden Rule of Saving and Investing

2 – Investment Education, in depth look at registered investment accounts and the investment landscape- info on ways to invest – how/why to manage your own portfolio – how financial advisors get paid

3 – How to get Wealthy, digging into human behaviors that destroy our wealth, others that enrich our lives.

*Access to online video series with additional classes

**Access to private facebook group for conversation and ongoing support tailored to your financial stage of life.


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